We offer an exclusive alternative investment opportunity for a range of investors, including private equity, professional investors, and other institutions

We currently operate in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Croatia; however, we provide investment opportunities worldwide.

We are a team with more that 150 years of collective experience in Investments and Asset Management.

90% of the investment opportunities we offer are exclusive to our registered partners and customers and are not in the public domain and only available to qualified investors.

The investment opportunities we offer start from £500K and rise to above £1bn.

The opportunities include exclusive properties, agricultural land, gold and other minerals mines, renewable energy, developments, shipping, private company share transfers, pharmaceuticals, defence among many other products.

We serve all parties with equal loyalty, integrity and fairness making the investment process transparent, efficient, and as fast as possible.

We do our best to study and qualify every investment opportunity and every investor.

We invite you to join us, fill your respective form as a potential investor or as a partner and start to unveil the opportunities that are waiting for you in our company.

Investments & Asset Management

Gotland Capital